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Edna Mode. Respected costume designer of Gods & Superheroes.
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Posted on September 10 at 8:26AM
what drugstore-bought hair dye for dark brown hair is the best, Edna?

splat! ( i think they have that in the drug stores)

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What do you think about guys?
From Anonymous


Men are good for only one thing and thats making good clothes hangers  

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my husband recently requested a divorce. What do I do?
From Anonymous



Posted on September 9 at 7:57PM with 4 notes
i need a really good quote
From Anonymous

"beans beans beans, the magical fruit- the more you eat the more you toot"

sorry, darling i’ve got nothing. ive been busy chasing Starfire around  trying to convince her clothes are her friend. 

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Should I eat spinach?
From Anonymous

Yes darling its high in Iron, Calcium and Vitamin A!

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Posted on June 23 at 2:48PM with 9 notes
A personal plea to my fellow costumed superfriends.


As you all know I’m Edna Mode, goddess of all things spandex. There is something that has come to my attention regarding costumes that use real animal furs and feathers.

As a top class costume designer, I am able to appreciate the beauty of animal furs in clothing. They have this exotic, regal appearance associated with the rich and powerful. The problem is the feeling of looking like fabulous royalty is shortlived when you compare it to the longterm misery and endangerment to our animal friends out there.

Now, rest assured I am no PETA I will not throw red paint or pig blood on anyone for walking around in a fur coat. Why? Because darlings that would disrespect the memory of the animal that had its life taken for that coat. But here’s some examples of costumes that could probably go without the fur..

Kraven the Hunter

Darling, the lions called they want their face and teeth back…You have a nice body you can go around hunting naked, its not like anyone will see you or anything and if they did its not a big deal…Just make sure you protect your dingalinglingdingdong down there because you also have made enemies with not only superheroes but with nature and I would think that would be the first weak spot a tiger would go after. Perhaps you should make a coconut cup or something for that place..

Black Cat

Felicia, Faux Fur would do your costume just as much good as the real stuff, and its cheaper because I know for a fact trying to repair leather/latex can get expensive in the long run.

Red Robin

I swear to God, If those wings were taken from any type of bird I will collaborate with Scarecrow so we can haunt you with guilt for the rest of your poorly dressed crime fighting days.

So please costumed crime fighters, lets join forces to protect our animal friends :)

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Birds of Prey
Pssshsshhhhh please they should be called “GO GO Science Robot Action Super Sentai Samurai Action Time League Force”
Theres really nothing more Edna can add to this except tears made of black metallic nail polish.
Posted on June 9 at 11:11PM with 22 notes
Darlings, my precious Teen Titan darlings…You poor kids, most of you guys were active in the 90’s (Tim, Kon, Cassie and so on) so I’m saddened to see you guys didn’t learn that nothing good came out of 90’s fashion except for Slap Bracelets, Neon Colors and Light Up Sneakers!
Tim you have been on my “NEEDS EDNA’S HELP LIST” for a while now darling. You went from silly large pouches and capes to silly wings…..Ah, perhaps you have been reading my criticism of your costume choices over the years that you felt picking out the red wings would appease me…IT DOESN’T. Faux Wings are the modern age crime fighter safety hazard. You have to worry about not getting stuck in trees or narrow spaces…tsk tsk tsk…try again dear.
Kon you look like a David Copperfield imitator who also does Riverdance on the side to pay the rent. 
Cassie….I see the Donna Troy look….It’s cute but why does your lasso look like something you bought in a HXC BDSM store?
The rest of you….*sighs* I have a headache now.
Posted on June 9 at 10:55PM with 43 notes
Lets chat about this runway disaster!While I understand DC’s stance on being practical (although wearing trousers doesn’t automatically equal practical) someone missed the memo out on this.
First of all it’s nice to see that there are no wings on this number. The cape is a bit pointless but I don’t see it as a safety hazard like most capes are. The side pouches are a little larger than what I usually like but Harley is doing the best she can under these terrible circumstances.Now to the costume itself, if you can even call this a costume. This type of outfit works if you are a cocktail waitress at a goth nightclub or if you are Lady Gaga on her period. But this defies all laws of gravity and practicality. There are superheroes who have criticism over the years over violating practicality but this..this…THIS COSTUME IS THE APOCALYPSE OF COSTUMED VILLAINY AND CRIMEFIGHTING AS WE KNOW IT *hyperventilates*
As a designer I am always open to change and evolution of fashion but this is just…..this is a terrible poop suit!
Harley darling the best I can advise you to do is invest in these lovely nude colored heart shaped pasties to protect yourself from the inevitable nip slip fiasco that has yet to come.
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